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State of the Art Pain Relief technology

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The Perfect non-invasive Technology for Pain Relief.

SCENAR Research covers more than three decades with over 2000 research papers and dissertations written. It’s an extraordinary technology that is available to everyone.

What makes SCENAR unique, is it the approach? There is no other electro-medical device available that combines bio-controlled and physiological nerve stimulation in such an effective, hand-held device.

So, how does it work?
SCENAR always applies changing impulse shapes on the skin. With the stimulation of nerves, the spinal cord and the brain, pain conduction through these structures diminishes.
The form of the impulses is bio-controlled – it depends on the ever changing electrical resistance of the skin during treatment.
The results are pain relief, reduced inflammation and better muscle action. Additional effects are better sleep, reduced stress and a normalisation and balancing effect on the whole body.

Many patients with longstanding painful condition are now pain-free. If you feel this approach will help you, or someone you know, please contact us.

Why Choose SCENAR?

Your Trusted Partner for SCENAR in New Zealand


SCENAR is non invasive by using electrical impulses on the skin combined with biofeedback to stimulate your body to restore its normal function.


SCENAR is 100% natural as it emulates your body's own electrical signals. There is no possibility of over-dosing and has little to no side-effects at all.


SCENAR is completely painless and can be used to treat any type of pain or physical dysfunction such as acute and chronic conditions.


SCENAR is effective as it focuses your body’s own healing capabilities. It's active reflex biofeedback technology means fullest healing can be achieved.

Meet Jorg Prinz

The talented man behind SCENAR New Zealand

Let's talk about you.

If you are suffering from pain and/or the effects of a chronic health condition and nothing has helped, reach out or visit me at SCENAR New Zealand for a consultation. I would be proud to work with you and for you to get you back on your journey to wellness.

Jorg Prinz​
Doctor of Medicine (Germany)
SCENAR Trainer

Dr Jorg Prinz SCENAR NZ
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