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RITM SCENAR is a non invasive and proven long term pain relief device. It uses a patented advanced form of interactive neurostimulation.

SCENAR is the future of pain relief, it actually works, and is currently used by over 10,000 people worldwide every day.

Jorg Prinz SCENAR NZ Trainer

Jorg Prinz
Doctor of Medicine (Germany)
SCENAR Trainer

What is SCENAR? It's easy!

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SCENAR is an acronym for Self, Controlled, Energo, Neuro, Adaptive, Regulator.

It’s a state of the art Biofeedback controlled neuro-modulation device that provides people like YOU with fast and lasting pain relief. The best part is, it can help you no matter the type of pain. Acute or chronic, SCENAR relives the pain FAST when you need it most.

Why Choose SCENAR?

Your Trusted Partner for SCENAR in New Zealand


SCENAR is non invasive by using electrical impulses on the skin combined with biofeedback to stimulate your body to restore its normal function.


SCENAR is 100% natural as it emulates your body's own electrical signals. There is no possibility of over-dosing and has little to no side-effects at all.


SCENAR is completely painless and can be used to treat any type of pain or physical dysfunction such as acute and chronic conditions.


SCENAR is effective as it focuses your body’s own healing capabilities. It's active reflex biofeedback technology means fullest healing can be achieved.

Latest News

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SCENAR Webinar 2024

Meridians & SCENAR
18th May 2024 7pm to 9pm NZ time (8am - 10am UK time) 99.00NZ$ pp
Dose 5 meridian assessment
Dose 1 meridian assessment
Different Meridian Therapies
SCENAR Meridian Stretch Therapy (Binsei Kobayashi)
Chakra Balancing
Meridian Bio-Terminals (Jerry Tennant)
Please email me for details and enrolment

Professional Online SCENAR Training 2024

Level 1 Certification Training: 10th to 12th May 7pm to 10pm NZ time = 8am to 11am UK time
Level 2 Certification Training: 14th to 16th June 7pm to 10pm NZ time = 8am to 11am UK time
Level 3 Certification Training: 19th to 21st July 7pm to 10pm NZ time = 8am to 11am UK time

In-person Training is performed in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty.

For a group of 4 or more participants in Level 1-3 training, I will travel to your location if my accommodation and travel costs are covered.

Course dates are subject to change, minimum numbers apply.

Jorg Prinz SCENAR NZ Trainer

Jorg Prinz
Doctor of Medicine (Germany)
SCENAR Trainer

Our Reviews

Read reviews from the many happy & Pain Free customers

SCENAR has changed my life and for the better! It actually works, I was shocked as I suffer from chronic pain in my back.
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Theresa M.
Verified SCENAR Customer
Scenar totally works. I visited a clinic several times for treatment before buying my own device and now I have on the spot pain relief when I need it in the comfort of my own home.
testimonial scenar 3
Crystal C.
Verified SCENAR Customer
Works really really well. It doesn't completely remove the pain in my knee but I'd say it stopped around 90%. I can now go about life as normal before my injury.
testimonial scenar 2
Jacque L.
Verified SCENAR Customer
I've tried a few of these pain relieving technologies but none compare to SCENAR. The years of research show!
testimonial scenar 1
Jess A. L.
Verified SCENAR Customer
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