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SCENAR New Zealand

RITM SCENAR Pro Essential C


RITM SCENAR Pro Essential C

Your Trusted Partner for SCENAR in New Zealand

RITMSCENAR® Pro Essential C is an entry level SCENAR® device suitable for practitioners, looking for a cost-effective and efficient pain management tool. This device is also appropriate for home users wanting to go one step further into the SCENAR technology. It supports basic but very effective parameters that with minimum training will provide extremely good results.

Colour LCD display

Dose Modes 1

Screening Modes 3

Amplitude Modulation 3:1

Frequency Modulation 30Hz – 120Hz

Frequencies From 15.4Hz to 354Hz

Number of Pre-sets 5

Screen Backlight Timer ON, 5min, 10min, 20min

Weight 125 gram

Warranty 2 years

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