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Learn all about the incredible research supporting the SCENAR technology and how it helps people like you.


State of the Art Pain Relief technology

SCENAR Research

SCENAR Research covers more than three decades. With more than 2000 research papers and dissertations have been published in Russian medical journals. Some of these research papers have been translated into English language and can be read by anybody online at the RITM SCENAR library.   

Some research papers have been published in peer reviewed Western medical journals and are listed at US National Library of Medicine (PubMed) under the keywords ‘SCENAR’, ‘SKENAR’ and ‘InterX pain’. 

This page lists peer reviewed research papers and publications about SCENAR. There is also a list of recommended books that pertain to a modern understanding of medicine and tools to treat patients with non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical means – which often generate better results as current medicine does.

SCENAR Publications

Books and Articles we recommend on SCENAR technology

Effects of neuro-adaptive electrostimulation therapy on pain and disability in fibromyalgia.

Dr. Carlos Udina evaluates the effectiveness of non-invasive neuro-adaptive electrostimulation (SCENAR) therapy for treating chronic pain and disability in patients with fibromyalgia

Prof Tarakanov and Dr Los – Multifactor Mechanisms of SCENAR Therapy.

Reflexology Journal, Issue No: 3 (7), 2005 Moscow, Russia. This is a revised version of the translation as published on the Russian SCENAR library with regards to English wording and layout.

Prof. Dr. A. Tarakanov et al. Effect of Artrofoon and SCENAR Therapy on Parameters of LPO and Antioxidant System of the Blood in Patients with Peritonitis in Postoperative Period.

Byulleten’ Eksperimental’noi Biologii i Meditsiny, Vol. 148, Suppl. 1, pp. 136-139, September, 2009

SCENAR for stimulating the immune system against viruses.

A few helpful protocols in times when viruses cause havoc

Malcolm R. Ing: The use of electronic biofeedback for the management of post-herpetic neuralgia–a report of 3 cases.

Hawaii Med J. 2007 Sep;66(9):232, 234.
Ing-The Use of Electronic Biofeedback

Tsimmerman et al.: The effectiveness of SCENAR therapy in complex treatment of duodenal ulcer, and the mechanisms of its action.

Klin Med (Mosk). 2006;84(7):35-41.
Tsimmerman-Physiotherapy of gastric ulce

Razzano et al.: Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis with Noninvasive Interactive Neurostimulation: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study.

J Foot Ankle Surg. 2017 Jul – Aug;56(4):768-772. doi: 10.1053/j.jfas.2017.02.015

Biggs at al: A comparison of the hypoalgesic effects of TENS and non-invasive interactive neurostimulation (InterX(®)) on experimentally induced blunt pressure pain using healthy human volunteers.

Neuromodulation. 2012 Mar-Apr;15(2):93-8; discussion 98-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1525-1403.2011.00394.x. Epub 2011 Sep 21. PMID: 21942926

Gorodeskyi et al.: Non-invasive interactive neurostimulation in the post-operative recovery of patients with a trochanteric fracture of the femur.

British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery doi:10.1302/0301-620X.89B11 J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2007;89-B:1488-94.

Oliva et al.: Short-term effectiveness of bi-phase oscillatory waves versus hyperthermia for isolated long head biceps tendinopathy.

Muscles Ligaments Tendons J. 2012 Feb 15;1(3):112-7. Print 2011 Jul. PMID: 23738257
Oliva-InterX vs hyperthermia for biceps

Inbohan et al.: SCENAR therapy for Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

WACBE World Congress on Bioengineering 2007 Bangkok, Thailand ISBN: 978-81-904262-8-2(RPS) ©2007 WACBE’07.
Inbohan-SCENAR Therapy for Myofascial

Han & Han: A Comparative Study of the Efficacy between Self-controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Whiplash Injury.

eISSN2465-891X The Nerve.2016.2(2):33-37

The effectiveness of SCENAR® for the treatment of chronic neck pain in Australian adults.


Cherchago et al.: Effect of SCENAR therapy on vascular functionality.


Kulizhskiy et al.: SCENAR-therapy in Ischemic Stroke Rehabilitation.

Kulizhskiy-SCENAR for Stroke Rehabilitation

Cate Montana: SCENAR Space Age Healing in Your Pocket.

What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, August 2016
SCENAR Space age healing in your pocket.

SCENAR Therapy – 4 year experience from Klinikum Klagenfurt, Austria.

SCENAR therapy for back pain

Dr. med. Jorg Prinz: SCENAR A paradigm shift in therapy for pain and chronic disease Methodical deliberations about SCENAR therapy and its possibilities to heal disease.

NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, Issue 20, February 2016

Dr. med. Jorg Prinz & Wilfred Wank: Some intriguing case studies in Pain Relief and Health Recovery with SCENAR Applications.

NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, Issue 6, August 2012

Dr. med. Jorg Prinz & Wilfred Wank: Some intriguing case studies in Pain Relief and Health Recovery with SCENAR Applications Part 2.

NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, Issue 7, February 2013

Energy Medicine Literature

Books and Articles we recommend on Energy Medicine

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